A Voice-Over Actress Ready to Work

Are you looking for a voice-over actress who is ready to take on new projects? Claudine Guild has the experience, talent, and availability your new project needs.

Looking for a voice actor for hire is all about finding talent that can work with your next project. You want to find an actress that has the skills you need to create something truly compelling. Claudine Guild has an impressive portfolio of completed works and a demo reel that shows both her range and her experienced background.

My Background as an Actress

As a voice-over actress, Claudine Guild has ample experience and training.

She has voiced projects for clients in a range of industries and has the experience you need to complete your next project.

Claudine Guild has done voice acting work for industry leading companies including Thermo-Fisher Scientific. If you are looking to produce narrative or commercial content for your industry, you can rely on the proven talents of Claudine Guild.

She has also completed works for medical institutions, Energy Coalition, and Civil Rights Common Ground. Her demo reel is an expression of this background as well as her versatile range. She can create content for companies that need a wide range of voices including multilingual content.

If you need talent that can speak several languages and blend their accents fluidly, Claudine Guild is right for you. She speaks English, arabic, and spanish and is capable of creating accents that naturally mesh these languages.

She has earned all of these abilities through her commitment to voice acting training.

Claudine Guild studied with industry respected voice coaches including Jay Snyder, Dan Friedman, and Kim Handysides as well as studying the Meisner Technique with Lyralen Kaye.

If you’re looking for proven talent behind the mic, you can’t go wrong with Claudine Guild.

Get in Touch With a Voice Actor for Hire

If you’ve been searching for a voice actor for hire, then you’re in luck!

Claudine Guild is available for new work. She is ready to put her proven experience behind the mic to work for you. Whether you need narrative work, commercial voice-over, or you need something on the creative side, she is here to help your next project succeed.

You can get in touch with Claudine Guild today to learn more about her availability and schedule her to work on your next voice-over job.
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