Video Game Voice Actress

Have a Trained Voice-Over Artist on Your Next Video Game

If you need a talented video game voice actress for your next game, Claudine Guild is available and has the skills you’ve been looking for.

When it comes to dubbing video games, you need a voice actress with proven abilities as well as a grasp over several different languages. Claudine Guild speaks English, spanish, and arabic and can craft a variety of accents. Your game will feel alive when voiced by someone who can speak with an accurate accent from one of those languages.

As a trained voice-over artist, Claudine Guild has worked with some of the most respected voice coaches in the industry. She has studied voice-over technique as well as acting to make her work as lifelike and emotive as possible.

The world of your game comes to life when it is voiced by experienced artists.

Read on to learn more about Claudine Guild and work with her on your next video game project.

Work With a Video Game Voice Actress

You need to work with a video game voice actress for your next game.

Your audience wants to connect with your characters. Amazing story and gameplay are just part of the equation. Your game needs a talented voice actress to make your characters connect with your audience.

Having characters that your fans love helps your game build that all important fanbase and gives you strong direction for sequels, DLC, and marketing.

Are you ready to work with a voice actress who’s ahead of her game? Get in touch with Claudine Guild today to find out more about her availability.

Need Help Dubbing Video Games?

Dubbing video games is the secret to expanding your share of the market and reaching new fans. When a game is dubbed into another language, you gain the ability to connect with players who might never have had the opportunity to explore your content before. A quality dub is about more than just translation, it's about acting.

Claudine Guild is a trained voice-over artist that knows what it takes to create an amazing dub. She has experience dubbing content in a variety of languages and brings emotion and character to every performance. When she dubs the voice-over for one of your characters, you are going to have a fan favorite that is ready to take the gaming world by storm.

Reach out to Claudine Guild to learn more about her dubbing work and get her scheduled for your next project today!