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A Voice-Over Consultant Ready to Help You Launch Your Career

Have you been looking to get into the exciting field of narrator voicing? If so, Claudine Guild is here to help you find work, build your skills, and shape your next project.

As a voice-over agent, Claudine Guild can help connect aspiring talent with jobs that best fit their abilities. If you have been having trouble landing those breakout gigs, then you need an agent that can connect you with the jobs you’ve been searching for.

If you are on the other side of the equation and are looking for help putting together a voice-over project, Claudine Guild can help you with her voice-over consultant services.

Read on to learn more about how these services can help you find the voice-over talent you need.

Start Finding Work With a Voice-Over Agent

A voice-over agent is the guide that will help you find your way through our challenging industry.

Getting work as a voice-over artist is about more than your talent, it’s also about being able to be identified in our industry.

You need someone with experience that can guide you through our challenging environment. Claudine Guild has been a working voice actress and has studied with some of the biggest names in voice coaching. She is here to share her industry experience with you and help you connect with the jobs that you've been searching for.

Find out more about working with a voice-over agent today and get in touch with Claudine Guild.

Get Help Shaping Your Narrator Voicing

Claudine Guild offers a voice-over consultant service that can help you put together your voice acting project.

When you need a narrator voicing your next project, it will help you put everything together easier if you have an experienced voice actor helping you shape your project.

Claudine Guild has been working as a voice actress for years and in that time has built both a strong portfolio and a working relationship with some of the best names in the industry. She can help you bring your next project from concept to a fully realized voice-acting driven piece.

If you are getting stuck figuring out how voice-acting works for your next project, Claudine Guild is here to share her expertise.

Contact Claudine Guild today to learn more about her consulting services and get your next voice-acting project started on the road to success!

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